Local Rules and Handicaps

Local Rules

Preferred lie for open and club championship local rules are here 191010 Local Rules Preferred lies

To be read in conjunction with the Rules of golf and the posted local rules.

  1. Out of Bounds Beyond the inside points at ground level of all lines marked with black and white stakes and fences defining the boundary of the course.
  2. If a staked tree interferes with a players stance or the area of intended swing the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped  in accordance with the procedure in Rule 16.
  3. Relief under Rule 14 may be taken from bordered paths or paths with an artificial surface and MUST be taken from bordered garden beds.  All other paths, roads and tracks are an intergral part of the course.
  4. If it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball hit a power line or tower or a wire or pole supporting a power line, the stroke does not count.  The player must play a ball without penalty from where the previous stroke was made (see Rule 14.6 for what to do).
  5. Penalty areas are marked by red stakes or lines. Ground Under Repair is marked by white stakes or lines.  These stakes are defined as immovable obstructions.
  6. Relief under Rule 14 may be taken from the fences behind the 8th, 12th and 16th greens if they interfere with a player’s stance or swing.


To check your handicap on GolfLink, click here note login required.

Magpies Belconnen slope rating is 129 from the blue tees, compared with the Australian average of 113. The “daily handicap” used for a round at Magpies from the blue tees is your G.A. handicap on the GolfLink website multiplied by 129 and divided by 113.

Conversion charts from the G.A. handicap to your Magpies Belconnen daily handicap can be obtained by clicking on the links below:
Men’s daily handicap look-up chart
Women’s daily handicap look-up chart.

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